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Everyone that wants to enter Blackwing Lair must complete an attunement quest - Blackhand's Command.

The quest is found in Blackrock Mountain you must get the item that drops from the Scarshield Quartermaster. Head to the Blackrock Spire instance and stand in front of it. To the right is a corridor head down there and kill the orcs that are in the way. Take a left and follow the path until you find him. He will drop a note that turns into a quest - Blackhand's Command.

The quest's objective is to kill General Darkkisath within Upper Blackrock Spire. Once he is dead click the orb behind him and the quest is done, and your now attuned to Blackwing Lair.

Now, to get to Blackwing Lair head back down the corridor that connects the Blackrock Spire entrance to the Blackwing Lair orb.


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