Player Interactions

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Player Interactions

Post  Admin on 6th October 2008, 5:59 pm

Asking for something
When asking for an item, instance-run from a higher levelled avatar, gold or other, the individual is required to gain affirmation from an officer of the guild. The must do this or they will receive a warning. If the individual persists, they will be demoted to a lower rank within the guild.

Ask these questions to yourself, before asking the officer:
1. Do I really and truly need this?
2. Am I able to find a pick up group to help me?
3. Is there no other alternative?

Personal Information
No personal information of any kind is to be given out in the guild channel, guild raid channel, guild party channel or battleground channel, if you are with another guild member. Personal information refers to any information that allows another person to I.D. an individual in any way.


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