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Every guild member, whether it is the guild master or a new member, is never allowed to harass any other member of the guild or another player with in the game. If the person(s) are caught they will be severely punished with an immediate removal from the guild, as well as receiving a permanent ban and an officer will report you to a Blizzard official.

Types of Harassment


Bullying is unwanted offensive and cruel behaviour which undermines an individual or group through persistent/recurring attacks. This includes behaviour which results in undermining, patronising, intimidating, demeaning, humiliating or physically harming the recipient.


Sexual harassment is unwanted behaviour of a sexual nature. This includes unwanted attention of a sexual nature that intimidates or ridicules a person(s). This may be verbal and may include unwanted personal comments or sexual slurs, suggestive or abusive remarks and explicit ‘jokes’.


Stalking involves an individual who may pester another individual, either in writing or electronic formats. This includes alarming the recipient or causing them to feel a fear of possible violence from the stalking individual.


Racial harassment is unwanted behaviour that depicts an individual’s race and ethnic or national origin. Including written or verbal threats or insults based upon race, ethnicity or skin colour, abusive comments about racial origins, ridicule based on cultural grounds, derogatory name-calling and racist ‘jokes’.


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